Diversity Statement

At the heart of our academic pursuit as scientists is the systematic observation and experimentation of natural phenomena and the principles that govern them. However, it must be recognized that it is just as important to embrace and uplift the people who move this work forward. Discrimination and bias have long been a part of society and of STEM, and we are deeply troubled by systemic bias against historically underrepresented groups. We value the insight, perspective, and scientific curiosity of people of all backgrounds, especially those who have not been previously heard in the scientific community. We strongly believe that we cannot excel in our scientific endeavor without welcoming people of all ages, genders, family situations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, creeds/religions, cultures, disabilities, and sexual orientations. We are both determined and morally obligated to actively engage in the renewed movement towards inclusiveness and equity. We, current members of the Wolfner lab, pledge to be a part of this change through concrete actions (listed below):

Acknowledged by (in alphabetical order of last names): Sarah Allen, Nora Brown, Norene Buehner, Dawn Chen, Katie Gordon, Yassi Hafezi, Caroline Lee, Mikaela Matera-Vatnick, Snigdha Misra, Caitlin Unkenholz, Orli Weiss, Melissa White, Mariana Wolfner, Mengye Yang