Katie Gordon

Graduate Student

Genetics, Genomics and Development

Co-advised by Dr. Brian Lazzaro

BS in Biology, Indiana University, 2015

BA in French, Indiana University, 2015

I am a graduate student co-advised by Dr. Brian Lazzaro and Dr. Mariana Wolfner. My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that determine the trade-off between reproduction and immunity in Drosophila melanogaster. Mated females have a lower capacity to induce antimicrobial gene expression, and have a higher bacterial load and higher risk of death than virgin females after infection. Previous research has shown that Sex Peptide, a seminal fluid protein, activates production of juvenile hormone in the female corpus allatum. Juvenile hormone promotes egg production, but also suppresses the immune response. I am interested in determining 1) how investment of resources to egg production, particularly yolk proteins, limits immune response and 2) the mechanism through which juvenile hormone directly or indirectly suppresses immunity.